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NEUMES 2006 conference
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Dino Buzzetti.
Dino Buzzetti explains his model for 'object language' versus 'meta-language', showing that ambiguity is inherent to representation.
  Louis Barton giving a demonstration.
Louis Barton gives an update about the NEUMES character set and the NEUMES grammar.

Rev. Dr Constantine J. Terzopoulos and Prof. Peter Jeavons.
Fr Constantinos and Pete Jeavons amidst a sea of computer equipment.
  Dom Daniel Saulnier.
Dom Saulnier demonstrates some problems at the frontier of knowledge on early Western neumation.

Prof. Leo Treitler. Filesize: 133kB.
Leo Treitler cautions against assuming too much: music writing as a proxy for something that does not exist.

Prof. John Caldwell.
John Caldwell outlines his ideas for a new classification system of Western neume notation types.
  Dr Maria Alexandru.
Maria Alexandru sings in imitation of the angels.

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