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NEUMES 2006 conference
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Scholars' Night Out
Peter Kidd of The British Library (filesize: 107 kB).
Peter Kidd
  Peter Jeavons of the Oxford University Computing Laboratory (filesize: 106 kB).
Pete Jeavons
  Daniel Saulnier of Abbey Saint-Pierre de Solesmes, France (filesize: 110 kB).
Daniel Saulnier

Debra Lacoste, John Caldwell, and Andy Powell (filesize: 142 kB).
Deb Lacoste; John Caldwell; Andy Powell.
  Louis Barton and Dino Buzzetti (filesize: 154 kB).
Louis Barton; Dino Buzzetti.

Leo Treitler, James Grier, and Debra Lacoste (filesize: 420 kB).
Leo Treitler, Jim Grier and Deb Lacoste.

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