Graphics to accompany the Caldwell
presentation "On the classification of Western styles of neumation"
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Notice: These graphics were made from second-generation photocopies, and the quality is quite poor.

  1. Nomina neumarum: "Tabula brevis"
    (a) Source: Colmar, Bibl. Municipale 445, f 132v. Date range: 12th century.
    (b) Source: Wein, ÖNB 1595 (Theol. 426), f 86v. Date range: 12th century.
    Filesize: 375 kB. Image: 600px (width) x 768px (height). Format: PNG.

  2. Nomina neumarum: "Tabula prolixior" (page 1)
    Source: Wolfenbüttel Gud. Lat. 334, f 89r. Date range: 12th century.
    Filesize: 890 kB. Image: 600px (width) x 928px (height). Format: PNG.

    Nomina neumarum: "Tabula prolixior" (page 2)
    Source: Wolfenbüttel Gud. Lat. 334, f 89v. Date range: 12th century.
    Filesize: 755 kB. Image: 600px (width) x 1,002px (height). Format: PNG.

  3. Example of Paleo-Frankish notation
    Source: Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, Lat. 2291, f 16r. Date range: 9th century.
    Filesize: 562 kB. Image: 600px (width) x 780px (height). Format: PNG.

  4. Example of standard Frankish notation*
    Source: Montpellier, Faculté de Médecine, H159, p. 228
    [see, facsimile edition: Solesmes, Paléographie Musicale, series I, vol. 8, pl. 147].
    Date range: second quarter of the 11th century.
    Filesize: 677 kB. Image: 1,250px (width) x 1,710px (height). Format: PNG.

  5. Example of 'Frankish organ pitch notation'*
    Source: Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 473, f 57r.
    Pitch letter 'F' is highlighted. Date range: second quarter of the 11th century
    Filesize: 298 kB. Image: 1,218px (width) x 1,988px (height). Format: GIF.

  6. Example of 'Guidonian' pitch letters *
    Source: Oxford, Magdalen College, MS 226, f 166v
    [see, facsimile edition: W. H. Frere, Bibliotheca Musico-Liturgica, pl 13].
    Pontifical for a bishop. Date range: probably 12th century.
    Filesize: 566 kB. Image: 1,273px (width) x 800px (height). Format: PNG.

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