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§ Neumatic Notation on Computer: Technical Documentation

Table of Correspondences

10 May 1995

This table gives the cell number in the font and a description of the character in that cell. There are 64 notational symbols defined in the font's character space. It includes 21 square-neume symbols, 16 Aquitanian neume symbols, 17 miscellaneous symbols for neumed transcriptions, and 10 symbols for transcription to dot-head notation. Since all these symbols are in one font, they can be intermixed for parallel transcription. "Common practice" refers to common-practice notation.

	cell #	character description				
	58	doh clef on fourth line
	59	doh clef on third line
	60	doh clef on second line
	61	fah clef on fourth line
	62	fah clef on third line
	65	tenor clef; g-clef octave down (common practice)
	66	bass clef; f-clef (common practice)
	67	bar line for 5-line staff
	70	whole note (common practice)
	71	half note-head (common practice)
	72	quarter note-head (common practice)
	73	punctum (square neume)
	74	podatus, interval of a 2nd (square neume)
	75	inclinatus (square neume)
	76	porrectus at interval of 3rd (square neume)
	77	clivis at interval of 3rd (square neume)
	78	podatus at interval of 3rd (square neume)
	79	virga, long stem (square neume)
	80	porrectus at interval of 2nd (square neume)
	81	torculus (square neume)
	82	clivis at interval of 2nd (square neume)
	83	clivis at interval of 4th (square neume)
	84	podatus at interval of fourth (square neume)
	137	flat sign for neumes
	138	dot for dotted neume
	139	dot for note head (common practice)
	140	horizontal epistema (leggiero sign) for note head
	141	epistema (quarter bar line)
	142	breath mark (half bar line)
	143	bar line, 4-line staff
	144	double bar line, 4-line staff
	145	punctum, alternate shape (square neume)
	146	virga with short stem (square neume)
	147	quilisma and virga, interval of a 2nd (square neume)
	148	epiphonus, interval of a 2nd (square neume)
	149	cephalicus, interval of a 2nd (square neume)
	150	podatus, interval of a 5th (square neume)
	151	clivis, interval of a 5th (square neume)
	152	porrectus, down 2nd, up 3rd (square neume)
	153	porrectus, down 3rd, up 2nd (square neume)
	154	custos for square neumes (square neume)
	155	star for text
	156	verse sign for text
	157	"ij." sign for text
	158	"ijj." sign for text
	159	pianissimo dynamic sign (common practice)
	160	punctum (Aquitanian)
	161	punctum [alternate], longer line (Aquitanian)
	162	virga (Aquitanian)
	163	virga [alternate], shorter (Aquitanian)
	164	quilisma, interval of a 2nd (Aquitanian)
	165	backwards virga (Aquitanian)
	166	climacus (Aquitanian)
	167	clivis, interval of a 2nd (Aquitanian)
	168	clivis, interval of a 3rd (Aquitanian)
	169	clivis, interval of a 4th (Aquitanian)
	170	epiphonus [liquescent pes], interval of 2nd (Aquitanian)
	171	epiphonus [liquescent pes], interval of 3rd (Aquitanian)
	172	oriscus (Aquitanian)
	173	pressus [e.g., b b a] (Aquitanian)
	174	pes stratus (Aquitanian)
	175	custos (Aquitanian)
	186	piano dynamic sign (common practice)
	187	mezzo piano dynamic sign (common practice)

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