The Neume Notation Project

Research in Computer Applications to Medieval Chant

St. Gregory and the Dove.
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Louis W. G. Barton

St Anne's College; University of Oxford



Music Writing in the Middle Ages — Manuscripts — Calligraphy — Neumes — Manuscript Transcription — Computer Applications to Medieval Musicology — Neume Notation Editor — Music Printing — Neumed Font — Java Program — Data Representation — Unicode — XML — Digital Encoding of Symbols — Gregorian Plainchant — History — Analysis — OCR — Chant Database.


manuscript sample.

Prof. John A. Caldwell
Faculty of Music, University of Oxford
Dr. Annalisa Doneda,
Facoltà di Musicologia, University of Pavia
Prof. James Grier
Faculty of Music, University of Western Ontario
Prof. Thomas Forrest Kelly
Department of Music, Harvard University
Dr. Bradford Maiani
Technology Services, University of North Carolina—
Chapel Hill

fiber optic.

wreath. Prof. Thomas E. Cheatham, Jr. (1929 - 2001)
Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences,
Harvard University
In memoriam: requiem eternam dona ei Domine.
Prof. Jim Davies
Oxford University Computing Laboratory,
University of Oxford
Prof. Ugo O. Gagliardi
Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences,
Harvard University (retired)
Prof. Peter G. Jeavons
Oxford University Computing Laboratory,
University of Oxford
Prof. Peter J. Kindlmann
Department of Electrical Engineering, Yale University
Prof. Michael D. Smith
Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences,
Harvard University

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The Neume Notation Project


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¤ Overview
µ Introduction
µ Abstract; Origins of the Project; Acknowledgments
µ General Discussion of the Project
µ Research Proposal (Oxford, 1999)
µ Current Status (outdated)
µ Photo Scrapbook

¤ Historical Background
µ The Culture of Medieval Music Calligraphy
µ Orality in Traditions of Latin Medieval Chant
µ Sample Images from Neumed Manuscripts
µ Audio-Visual Sample of Chant (Gloria, Monks of Solesmes)
µ Influences of Byzantium and Syria

¤ Fonts for Display and Printing
µ Samples of the Author's Neumed Font
µ General Discussion about Fonts
µ Neumatic Notation on Computer (Yale, 1995)
µ The Problem with Using Fonts

¤ Digital Transcription of Neumed Manuscripts
µ Proposal for a Unified Data Representation
µ General Discussion about Data Representations
µ Context-Free Grammar for the Data Representation
µ NEUMES (NEumed Unicode™ Manuscript Encoding Standard)
µ Review of Other Music Representation Systems
µ Proposed Unicode Assignments for Neumes (outdated)

¤ The Neume Notation Editor
µ Demonstration of the Neume Notation Editor
µ Software Requirements Specification
µ Software Engineering Scheme
µ Technical Specifications
µ First Prototype of the Neume Notation Editor
µ Algebraic Specification for the Editor

¤ Optical Neume Recognition
µ Optical Scanning of Manuscripts

¤ Other Related Material
µ Links to Related Sites
µ Byzantine and Palaeoslavonic Chant (Annlisa Doneda)
µ Computer Interface to an Electronic Organ (Yale College, 1973)
µ Deterministic Rules for Common Practice Notation of Music

¤ 'Fun Stuff'
µ Just a Joke:Only a joke.Exciting music CD offer

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Pope St. Gregory the Great dictating chant to a scribe, while the dove of the Holy Spirit sings the chants into his ear.
Source: From a Benedictine antiphonary; First Sunday of Advent, matins. Of uncertain origin, probably 12th-14th century. Holding of Karlsruhe, Badische Landesbibliothek, Aug. perg. 60, fol. 2r/3.
Image: Reproduced from Begründet von Heinrich Besseler and Max Schneider, Musikgeschichte in Bildern, (Leipzig: VEB, 1975), p. 195.
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