The Neume Notation Project

Links to Related Sites

«— Web links "Gregorian Chant Web Guide" maintained by Scott Robert Knitter. Nicely done and discerning.
«— The Catholic Encyclopedia on-line Lots of useful articles; indexed.
«— Digitized medieval manuscripts Holdings of libraries in the University of Oxford: high-quality images, complete manuscripts. Currently no neumed manuscripts. Work in-progress.
«— The Digital Scriptorium A joint project of the University of California at Berkeley, Columbia University, et al, to develop a standard for digitize their holdings of medieval and early Renaissance manuscripts: searchable database; very little with musical notation thus far.
«— DIAMM Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music: high-resolution, digital imaging service for medieval manuscripts; spectacular results in digital image restoration (using Photoshop) that can bring out even ink that was scraped off the parchment.
«— CANTUS database project. CANTUS is a database made up of indices of the chants in sources of the liturgical Office
«— Old music manuscripts: maintained by Dr. Susan Weiss and Wan-ching Li, the Peabody Institute, Johns Hopkins University (beautiful presentation, sample images only). [Currently off-line]

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