Gloria, Ambrosian chant

Liber Usualis, Benedictines of Solesmes, eds., (Tournai, Belgium: Desclée, 1934).

Notational remarks The doh clef appears on the top line, indicating the position on the staff of doh in the scale ("do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti-do").
The custos at the end of a line is a guard or helper, indicating what the first tone on the next staff will be.
The pes is a symbol of two tones, where the lower tone is chanted before the upper tone.
If there is a punctum followed by a pes , then the punctum is chanted together with the first tone of the pes if they are on the same line or space (as though they were a single "note").

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 Revision: 24 October 2003