Neume Notation Project

Louis W. G. Barton

§ First Prototype of the Neume Notation Editor

  • System Requirements
  • Screen Snapshot #1
  • Screen Snapshot #2

  • System Requirements:
    The Neume Notation Editor is written in the Java programming language. Java "applets" can ordinarily be run in Java-enabled Web browsers. Security restrictions imposed by Web browsers, however, prohibit access to the file system on the user's computer by a Java applet. Consequently, the Neume Notation Editor is currently available only as a stand-alone Java "application" and cannot be run over the Web.

    Use of the Neume Notation Editor on your computer requires that you have JDK (Java Development Kit) version 1.1, or higher, installed. It also requires that a special, TrueType neume font be installed on your computer and that you make a simple modification to the file in the Java lib directory. Please contact the author for more information.

    To date, the Neume Notation Editor has been tested only under Microsoft Windows 95. We anticipate, however, that there will be no problem running the Editor on a Macintosh system. It should also be possible to run the Editor under UNIX, but a variant of the neume font will be needed, which is not ready at this time.

  • Screen Snapshot #1:
    The screen snapshot above shows the Neume Notation Editor. There are two panes: the left pane is used for entering neume data; the right pane is for displaying an image of the manuscript that the user is transcribing. (A manuscript image is typically acquired through scanning a printed copy of the manuscript, or by downloading a pre-scanned image over the Web.) Both panes can be resized, and their contents can be scrolled in two dimensions. In this snapshot the File menu has been opened, and New Score has been selected to begin a new transcription.

  • Screen Snapshot #2:
    The screen snapshot, above, of the Neume Notation Editor shows a crude, first effort at implementing the manuscript transcription function. Neume data is being entered in the left pane simply by typing on the computer keyboard.

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